Session 1Dynamic Resource Allocation
Credit Tokens based Scheduling for Inter BS Spectrum Sharing
D. Grandblaise (Motorola Paris, France), K. Moessner, G. Vivier, R. Tafazolli
Spectrum Management for B3G Infrastructures Operating in Adaptive Mode
G. Dimitrakopoulos (University of Piraeus, Greece), C. Klöck, P. Demestichas, K. Tsagkaris, K. Moessner, J. Luo
A Secure Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Protocol for Cognitive Radios
N. Ilisei (Agilent Technologies Böblingen, Germany)
Quality of Service Negotiation in Support of post-Downloaded User Sessions
Z. Boufidis (The University of Athens, Greece), N. Alonistioti, L. Merakos
Common Pilot Method Enabling Network Assisted Fast Scanning for Reconfigurable Terminals
E. Mohyeldin (Siemens, Germany), J. Luo, J. Pan, P. Slanina
Dynamic Ressource Allocation in Software Defined Radio - The Interrelation between Platform Architecture and Application Mapping
V. Marojevic (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain), X. Revés, A. Gelonch

Session 2Software Radio Architectures
A Reconfigurable Architecture for MIMO Detection Using CORDIC Operator
H. Wang (Supelec Rennes, France), P. Leray, J. Palicot
A Reconfigurable Butterfly Architecture for Fourier and Fermat Transforms
A. Al Ghouwayel (Supelec Rennes, France), Y. Louët, J. Palicot
A Concept for Waveform Description based SDR Implementation
T. Kempf (RWTH Aachen), E.M. Witte, O. Schliebusch, G. Ascheid, M. Adrat, M. Antweiler

Session 3Signal Processing Algorithms
Parameter Estimation and Tracking of Multiple Frequency Hopping Signals in Frequency Hopped Networks with Frequency Collision
M. Eric (VTI, Serbia and Montenegro), D. Vučić
Frequency Synchronization for Pilot Aided OFDM Systems
M. Henkel (Fachhochschule Ulm, Germany), W. Schroer, W. Brugger
A Family of Efficient Complex Halfband Filters
H.G. Göckler (Ruhr-Universitšt Bochum, Germany), S. Damjanović
Dynamic Wiener Filter Coefficient Update for Software Radio
E. Coersmeier (Nokia Bochum, Germany), C. Saez, A. Hotz, M. Kosakowski, Y. Xu, M. Hoffmann, A. Bauer, F. Leder

Session 4Hardware/Software Co-Design
On the Integration of an XML Functional Description Language into the Configuration Controller of a Proof-of-Concept Software Radio System
R. Burgess (Toshiba Bristol, UK)
Towards Automatic Scheduling for Software Defined Radio Applications on Parallel Hardware
R. Hossain (BenQ Bocholt, Germany), M. Wesseling, C. Leopold
A High Level Methodology for Software Defined Radio Hardware/Software Co-Design
L. Dorie (Polytech Nantes, France), S. Le Nours, O. Pasquier, J.F. Diouris
Optimal Determination of Common Operators for Multi-Standard Software Defined Radio
C. Moy (Supelec Rennes, France), J. Palicot, V. Rodriguez, D. Giri

Session 5Cognitive Radio
Distributed Time-Based Fairness for Multiple Wireless Swarm Agents in Cognitive Radios
J.-C. Dunat (Motorola Paris, France), D. Grandblaise
Systems Analysis in Multi-Band, Multi-Mode Radio Design
V. Tapio (University of Oulu, Finland)
An Approach for providing QoS in Cognitive Radio Terminals
V. Blaschke (Universitšt Karlsruhe (TH), Germany), F. K. Jondral

Session 6Reconfigurable Hardware
Flexible Wideband Analog Front End
D. Radović (Elsys Eastern Europe Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro), S. Stojanović
Terminal Reconfiguration for a Bug-Fixing Use Case - Methods, Interfaces and Configuration Packages
B. Steinke (Nokia Bochum, Germany), J. Brakensiek, S. Mende, U. Lücking
Platform Interconnect for an End to End Reconfigurable System
S. Naveen (Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore), S.-Y. Tang, S. K. Pilakkat, B. Mennenga, S. Walter

Session 7Applications
The Approach of Selex Communications to Software Defined Radio
L. Schettino (Selex Communications Rome, Italy), G. Mancuso
Real-time Software Implementation of NTSC Analog TV on Sandblaster SDR Platform
V. Kotlyar (Sandbridge Technologies White Plains (NY), USA), D. Iancu, J. Glossner, H. Ye, A. Iancu
Multicast Transmission Performance Improvement through Adaptive Antenna Arrays
Y.C.B. Silva (TU Darmstadt, Germany), A. Klein