Session 1: SDR Baseband

Conversion between Arbitrary Sampling Rates: An Implementation Cost Trade-Off Study of a Family of Farrow Structures
F. M. Klingler (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany), H. G. Göckler
Hierarchical Decision Based Carrier Recovery in a Software Radio Context
A. Metref (Supelec Rennes, France), D. Le Guennec, J. Palicot
Correlations in Software – a Technology Enabler
T. Ferreira (Skysoft Portugal, Portugal), L. Nunes, P. Neiva
Multi Core Processing for Software Radio Channel Decoder
K. Hueske (Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany), J. Geldmacher, J. Götze, E. Coersmeier
Flexible M-QAM Modulator and Scalable FFT/IFFT: Design and Implementation for an SDR Multi-carrier Transmitter with Link Adaptation
S. Lal (Center for Software Defined Radio, Denmark), S. K. Warar, A. Popp, Y. Le Moullec
Computing System Modeling for Flexible Radios
V. Marojevic (Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain), J. Salazar , I. Gomez, A. Gelonch

Session 2: Cognitive Radio I

A Simulator for the Design of the Management Architecture of Cognitive Radio Equipments
L. Godard (Supelec Rennes, France), C. Moy, J. Palicot
Flexible Base Stations of the Future: Multi-x and Self-x, Collaborative and Cognitive
S. Walter (Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland AG, Germany), W. König, K. Nolte
A Cognitive Pilot Channel System Design Approach
J. Pan (Siemens AG, Austria), P. Slanina, T. Renk, M. Bublin, I. Kambourov
Improving System Performance in Cognitive Radio Based Wireless Systems by Using Path Gain Ratio
J. Chen (University of York, United Kingdom), D. Grace, P. D. Mitchell

Session 3: Cognitive Radio II

Interaction in Cognitive Radio Based Systems
P. Likitthanasate (University of York, United Kingdom), D. Grace, P. D. Mitchell
Cognitive Routing for Tactical Ad Hoc Communications
D. Grace (University of York, United Kingdom), P. D. Mitchell, T. Clarke, A. G. Burr, D. A. J. Pearce
Spectrum Sensing and Carrier Frequency Estimation for Cognitive Radio
M. Heskamp (University of Twente, Netherlands), C. H. Slump
Efficient Spectrum Sensing Technique for Opportunistic Radio using Wavelet Techniques
S. Thilakawardana (University of Surrey, United Kingdom), K. Moessner

Session 4: SDR Architectures I

Implementation of scalable OFDMA Receiver on homogenous Multi-Processor Platform
M. A. Shah (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany), E. Matus, G. Fettweis
Resource-efficient Sequential Architecture for FPGA-based DAB Receiver
M. Ihmig (Technische Universität München), N. Alt, C. Claus, A. Herkersdorf
SDR based Waveform Development
T. Langguth (Rohde & Schwarz München, Germany), H. Schober
SDR Baseband Processing Portability: A Case Study
E. M. Witte (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), T. Kempf, V. Ramakrishnan, G. Ascheid, M. Adrat, M. Antweiler

Session 5: SDR Architectures II

Area Efficient Implementation of Polyphase Channelizer for Multi-Standard Software Radio Receiver
M. Awan (Aalborg University Denmark), M. M. Alam, P. Koch, N. Behjou
Architectures and Standards for ALOA
F. Dalla Vedova (LuxSpace Sarl, Luxemburg), J. Fort, Gh. Ruy
A Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Platform for Cognitive Radio Systems
A. Nafkha (Supelec, Rennes, France), J. Delorme, R. Seguier, C. Moy, J. Palicot
Public & Governmental Security Communication Interoperability through a Standardized Core Network
E. Lodin (Ericsson, Sweden), E. P. Arbex

Session 6: GNU Radio

GNU Radio Based Cognitive Signal Identification and Classification Platform
W. M. Brown (Metric Systems Corporation, California, USA), J. E. Clark III
Implementation of OFDM Power Allocation Strategy in GNU Radio Framework
M. Zivkovic (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), C. Liu, R. Mathar
Soft-DVB: A Fully-Software GNURadio-based ETSI DVB-T Modulator
V. Pelegrini (University of Pisa, Italy), G. Bacci, M. Luise

Session 7: Dynamic Spectrum Access and Applications

Combining Receiver for Wireless Relay Networks based on Signal-to-Noise Ratio Criterion
P. Chakravarty (Universität Karlsruhe(TH), Germany), T. Renk, F. K. Jondral
A generic MAC-PHY Interface for supporting Multi-User Dynamic OFDM Implementations on Software Defined Radios
M. Bohge (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany), A. Wolisz
A Software Radio Network that exploits Opportunities in 3G licensed Spectrum
P. Marques (ESTCB, Portugal), A. Gameiro
Distributed Spectrum Sharing by Reinforcement and Game Theory
M. Bublin (Siemens AG, Austria), J. Pan, I. Kambourov, P. Slanina